Where is the Best Place in California For Drug Rehab

When seeking treatment for your addiction, it is important to find a rehabilitation facility that will best prepare you for living a healthy and clean life after treatment.  One of the best California drug rehabs is Summit Estate Recovery Center.  Our focus on you as an individual, unmatched staff to client ratio and focus on healing all aspects of your life allow you to thrive in your recovery.

What makes Summit Estate a Top California drug rehab?


  • Summit Estate is set apart from other centers by our intense focus on you as an individual.  We are a six bed facility with a staff of 30, each of whom is dedicated to your recovery.  This ratio allows us to deep dive into your specific needs, challenges and plans for the future, and to tailor your recovery to fit you.
  • Understanding that recovery requires at least 30 days to set a strong foundation for the future, we require a minimum stay of 30 days.  During your stay at Summit Estate, you can expect:
  • Closely monitored, controlled detoxification – Our medical staff understands that many people with addiction are fearful of detox and the associated discomfort.  Each of our clients receives a personalized detox care plan allowing you to detox in a comfortable and controlled manner.
  • Intense inpatient therapy – Your recovery will involve treatment for your whole person, mind, body and spirit.  It is our belief that true recovery can only be found with healthy living.  You will receive both individual and group therapy to address your addiction.  We provide healthy meals, yoga classes and exercise to address your physical needs. We offer family sessions as well to help your family address your recovery and to better prepare your environment after you leave.
  • Outpatient – After completion of our inpatient recovery, our clients may choose to continue treatment on as an outpatient.  These clients return to our California rehab facility for a predetermined number of hours during the week.
  • Aftercare plan – On a regular basis, our counselor follows up with our clients to offer assistance and address any issues that may have arisen.  Additionally, we encourage our clients to return to Summit Estate to present their recovery plan to clients and to receive therapy as needed.

Reach out to our admissions counselor today to start your road to recovery. Complete the contact us form on this site, or give us a call at 800-701-6997.